PROCEQ Profometer PM600 Portable Rebar Locator
PROCEQ Profometer PM600 Portable Rebar Locator
Juli 28, 2017
Jual Total Station Topcon ES-65 New Accuracy 5″
Agustus 19, 2017
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Proseq Rebar Locator Profometer PM-630
Proseq Rebar Locator Profometer PM-630
Proseq Rebar Locator Profometer PM-630
Proseq Rebar Locator Profometer PM-630

Proseq Rebar Locator Profometer PM-630

Kemudahan Pengujian Struktur Beton Dengan Rebar Locator

Definisi beton sendiri merupakan sebuah bahan bangunan komposit yang terbuat dari kombinasi aggregat dan pengikat semen. Bentuk paling umum dari beton adalah beton semen Portland, yang terdiri dari agregat mineral (biasanya kerikil dan pasir), semen dan air.

Jual Rebar Locator Profometer PM-630 AI (Alat Deteksi Tulangan Beton ) 

Rebar Locator
Profometer PM-630 AI
category: Non destructive testing / Rebar Locator
brand: Proceq
item: Profometer PM-630 AI
Profometer PM-630 AI – Advanced Concrete Scan Cover MeterThe Profometer PM-630 AI advanced cover meter is a sophisticated instrument extending the application range of the Profometer PM-600 with the Line and Area Scan Modes and an extensive choice of statistical views.

It is specially suited to measuring large areas, long lines or when comprehensive reporting is required. For example when inspecting tunnels, retaining walls, concrete slab soffits, bridge slabs, reinforced walls and slabs.

Based on the new generation Profometer Touchscreen unit, the instrument offers real time control over the measurement procedure directly on site. The high resolution color display allows best possible measuring and analysis of the statistical data for an entire working day (battery lifetime > 8h).


• Measuring wide areas over long distances
• Automatically detects diagonal rebars
• Zoom in to scale rebars according to your needs
• Display with cover curve or signal strength curve
• Visual assistance for speed and signal strength control
• Settings directly accessible on the measurement screen
• Graphical display of measured values and minimum cover set
• Change settings before and after storage
• PM-Link software for downloading saved data to a PC for analysis and export to third party applications
• All-in-one Universal Probe including standard, long range and spot probe
• Integrated Spot Probe for measurements in corners and where space is limited
• Detachable Probe Cart for smooth measuring with on-board wireless path measuring system
• Housing specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments, including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover
• Battery lifetime of > 8h
• High resolution color display
• 8 GB Flash memory
• Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces
• Future proof investment through direct upgrade possibilities to upcoming Profometer products


• Especially suitable for large areas and long line scanning (e.g. in tunnels) and when comprehensive reporting is required
• Acceptance inspection of cover after formwork is removed
• Quality assurance in mass production of prefabricated concrete elements
• Measuring the concrete cover depth
• Rebar grid examination for planned load changes on the structure
• Locate rebars before drilling holes
• Statistical evaluation of cover according to DBV (German Concrete and Construction Association)


• Telescopic extension rod with probe cable 3 meter (10 ft)
• Probe cable 3 meter (10 ft)
• Probe cable 10 meter (33 ft)


• BS 1881 Part 204
• DIN 1045 (Germany)
• SN 505 262 (Switzerland)


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